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Where a document(s) intended for translation is extensive, it is best that the client requests a preliminary analysis from the translator, so one could determine if there are any parts which may not be necessary to translate. This can result in saving up to 50% of the costs of translation.

If you wish to maintain an international image, you should use a professional translator. In different cultures an inaccurate or incomplete translation may be insulting or it can be interpreted as lack of interest.

Documents, especially texts used in advertising, may be adapted depending on the target group, if the translator is provided appropriate information. In this case, a translator is often required to show creativity, for which he/she should be given enough time.

Clients should be aware of the importance of documentation, such as financial statements, statistical information, description of procedures and alike, and consequently they should only entrust such work to experts, in order to prevent damaging the company image.

Important information: Ad Hoc employs only highly qualified translators and conference interpreters, who provide additional value to your investment.

A text is never published nor is it returned to the client without first being reviewed by another translator.


Quality and professional translation is complex and demanding work.

If you would like to find out about the estimated price of a certain text, feel free to contact us and request a free quote for translation of such text. The terms and price of the translation will be stated in the offer which we are happy to deliver to you.

The price of the translation service depends on the complexity of text (e.g. general language text or professional text), deadline of delivery of translation and amount of text to be translated. Prices of certified translations are fixed by the Rules on Court Interpreters.


A certified translation is done and certified by a certified court interpreter, who thus guarantees that the translation is true to the original document. A certified translation is required in case of documents which one needs to submit to state authorities and other institutions. With certified translations we pay special attention to have the layout of the translation match the original document.
As an example, the following is a short list of documents which usually require certified translation:


- diplomas, certificates

- vehicle registration certificates, driver’s licences

- excerpts from the register of births/marriages/deaths

- contracts

- balance sheet, tax reports

- verdicts

-  various certificates…

In order to collect a certified translation, you need to come to our office personally or we can send to you via registered mail. Sending the translation by e-mail is not possible in this case.

A court interpreter is a person appointed by the court, in accordance with legal regulations of their country, and his/her job is to translate, at the request of a court, a physical or legal entity, any written or spoken text to and from languages he/she has been appointed for. Court interpreters issue translations which must be entirely true to the original text.

In Croatia a court interpreter is appointed by the president of County or Commercial Court.


Prior to accepting a request for editing of a translation, Ad Hoc first assesses the overall delivered text and decides if the editing can be performed or if it is not recommended in cases when the whole text or certain parts of it are unclear or difficult to understand.

In some cases it is faster and cheaper to do a new translation than to edit an existing translation which is difficult to understand or where terms have been used without proper knowledge of the context.

Our team of experts is always at your disposal and we are glad to assist you in reaching a decision regarding the most cost-effective option and in finding the best solution.

Projekt je financiran iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj

Informatizacija Centra za poduke i prevoditeljstvo u Osijeku

Ad Hoc – Centar d. o. o., Draškovićeva 4a 10 000 Zagreb, OIB: 75132412279 provodi projekt pod nazivom „Informatizacija Centra za poduke i prevoditeljstvo u Osijeku“ koji je financiran sredstvima Europske unije iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj u sklopu poziva za dostavu projektnih prijedloga: „Poboljšanje konkurentnosti i učinkovitosti MPS-a u područjima s razvojnim posebnostima kroz informacijske i komunikacijske tehnologije (IKT)“.

Uz pomoć softverskih rješenja za automatizaciju poslovnih procesa postići će se integracija svih poslovnih procesa, što podrazumijeva upravljanje projektima, te integraciju povezanih vanjskih procesa i integraciju procesa povezanih s upravljanjem kvalitetom.
Digitalizacija učionica omogućit će kvalitetniju i učinkovitiju edukaciju, a kreiranjem e-learning platforme tržište nam postaje fizički gotovo neograničeno.

Dodatnim ulaganjem u licence za računalno potpomognuto prevođenje i obradu tekstova/dokumenata, nadzor kvalitete prijevoda proširio bi broj mogućih prevoditelja i lektora koji bi mogli sudjelovati na projektima gdje su navedeni alati jedan od ključnih uvjeta suradnje.

Svi navedeni čimbenici poslovanja u konačnici će rezultirati povećanjem konkurentnosti i stvaranja bolje tržišne pozicije s ciljem razvoja i širenja poslovanja te daljnjim povećanjem udjela izvoza u ukupnom poslovanju tvrtke.

Ukupna je vrijednost projekta 1 189 500,00 kn, a udio sufinanciranja EFRR-a iznosi 90 %
Projekt je započeo 20. 12. 2016., a završit će 20. 12. 2017.

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