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Consecutive interpreting is a form of interpreting which is most appropriate for events with a smaller number of participants, where personal contact is crucial. Common examples of this type of events are business meetings, conferences, gatherings, interviews or any other similar events involving a limited number of speakers.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish a sentence or idea and then transfers the content of the speaker’s words into the target language. Consecutive interpreters adjust to the style and dynamics of speech of each individual speaker. They usually prepare in advance for this form of interpretation by studying related topics, reference materials and literature dealing with the content that is to be interpreted. Interpreters practice their skills using mnemonic techniques and a special system of note-taking, which enables them to accurately render the speaker’s words into the target language.

Our team includes highly qualified interpreters specially trained in consecutive interpreting. Knowledge of professional terminology, flexibility and reliability are our strongest points.

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