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Simultaneous interpreting is a form of translation that requires the highest level of expertise in language management. Simultaneous interpreters sit in sound-proof interpretation booths where, using a headset, they listen to what the speaker is saying while concurrently translating into the target language. Audience members equipped with a set of headphones receive the message delivered by the interpreter.

This type of translation services is primarily used in professional conferences, congresses, meetings, symposia, seminars, press conferences, etc. Our team is made up of highly skilled simultaneous interpreters with rich experience in the field of interpreting, able to deal with the most challenging situations. We provide interpretation services for a wide variety of language pairs.

Being well aware that organizing conferences, symposia or similar events takes a lot of effort, time and financial resources and that such events are extremely important, we put particular attention to the quality of our interpretation services.

Simultaneous interpreting services of poor quality that usually cost less risk undermining the success and importance of the whole event and may create an awkward situation for both the organisers and lecturers.

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