Project is financed from the European Regional Development Fund

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Ad Hoc-Centar d.o.o., Draškovićeva 4a 10 000 Zagreb, PIN: 75132412279 is currently implementing an EU-funded project titled “Informatisation of Education and Translation Centre in Osijek” financed through funds provided by the European Union, from the European Regional Development Fund, all this within the framework of the call for project proposals “Improving the competitiveness and efficiency of SMEs in Areas with Developmental Specificities through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)”.

With the help of software solutions for automation of business processes, integration of all business processes will be achieved, which implies project management, integration of related external processes as well as integration of processes in connection with quality management.

Digitalization of classrooms will enable improved educational quality and efficiency, whereas creation of an e-learning platform will help us overcome innate physical restrictions of the market.

Opting for additional investment in licences for computer-assisted-translation tools and tools for text/document editing, has resulted in stronger supervision of translation quality, which then provides surplus possibilities for including a larger number of potential translators and proofreaders, who could participate in projects for which the said programs are one of the key prerequisites for cooperation.

All the above-mentioned factors will eventually result in improved competitiveness and better market position, with the aim of further developing and expanding business activities as well as increasing the export segment in the total business structure of the company.

Total project value amounts to HRK 1,189,500.00 with ERDF co-financing rate of 90 %.

Project started on December 20, 2016 and will be completed on December 20, 2017.


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